sekarang ni semua memboringkan.
kepada perangai kawan A.
perangai kawan B.
perangai semua kawan-kawan lain.
semua nya memboringkan aku.

and, of course,
perangai sendiri lagi la memboring kan.


and i spend every minutes of my life now to mengagungkan masa lepas aku dulu.
and complain everything about my current life.
and i should really move on since everybody else err well, never give a single fuck. -_-
so, i'll start coloring my life now.
with not-so-new environment, not-so-new friends, and not-so-new life.
i'll cherish every moment, that's my promise to maself.


what with the mood?
kejap emo, kejap positive attitude?
lol, whatever.

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Anonymous said...

jgn lupa.hang stil ada a few kwn2 yg hang blh harap.yg hang tau selalu sokong n ada kt blkg hang.

*jgn pelik ttba dok serious pulak.